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G1UCI-L EchoIRLP Node Ainsdale

G1UCI-L is back on air as an EchoIRLP system. IRLP node number is 5252 and Echolink number is 1002. Please tune to 431.125MHz to use the system. 77.0 CTCSS is required.
Welcome to the website of G1UCI-L located in Ainsdale, near Southport. Ainsdale is about 18 miles north of the city of Liverpool in the United Kingdom.
This is a simplex node so listen for a minute or two before keying up. It is possible that a low powered station or handheld user is operating the node and you may not be able to hear them, and keying up will disrupt their conversation.
The node may not be available 24 hours a day, but when operational all licensed radio amateurs are welcome to make use of the facility.

To use the node to call another IRLP system, simply key the microphone and dial the required number. For example, dialling 5230 would connect you to the G4EID IRLP node on 2m.
If you wish to call an Echolink system, press # before the node number. For example #190343 would connect you to the G1DFT Echolink system on 70cm

Click here to visit the website of G4EID which contains much useful information on Internet Linking.

Click here to visit G1DFT's webpage about his Echolink system in Southport.


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