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G1UCI-L EchoIRLP Node Ainsdale

Operating Instructions

Tune your radio to 431.125MHz and set your CTCSS access tone to 77.0Hz

To control the operation of the node you will need to have the ability to generate DTMF tone sequences.
The following control codes are used
00 Connects to a random node (of any type)
01 Connects to a random link
03 Connects to a random computer user
04 Not used
05 Not used
06 + num. Looks up a station by node number. eg 06 8702 gives info about G1DFT if he is connected.
07 Look up a station by node number. eg 07+call+#
08 Status
09 Reconnect
*  Plays a brief ID message (useful for seeing if the node is operating!)
# Disconnects the station currently connected to the node
To connect to a specific node, simply dial the 4 or 5 digit node number. If you aren't sure of the number you want, check the list on this page for currently active systems.

No DTMF mic? Click here for an on screen DTMF pad. Just hold your microphone near your computer speaker and press the required keys, or type the whole sequence into the box provided!

Click here for a list of currently active nodes (Opens in new browser window)

Click here to visit the Echolink software homepage (Opens in new browser window)


This node is owned and operated by Don G1UCI.
This web site is owned and operated on behalf of Don by Ian G1DFT.